Our facilities

We have a range of facilities at St Timothy’s and St James’ which are available for you to hire. Our premises are modest, but you’ll find them well-equipped and our prices are reasonable. If you are interested in hiring any of these rooms, please contact our Parish Administrator and fill out the appropriate form:

St James’ church hall (750 Harewood Rd)

St James' HallThis large, carpeted hall has a kitchen with a serving window and seating up to 60 persons. Large floor to ceiling windows along one side let in plenty of natural light.



St Timothy’s hall (46 Kendal Ave)

St Tim's HallThe hall is suitable for a variety of groups and activities, seating up to 40 persons. There is a serving window from the kitchen and the windows around the two exterior walls let in plenty of light. A sliding door allows the room to be sectioned into two separate halves. We use this room for our Lighthouse Kids Sunday school.


St Timothy’s meeting room (46 Kendal Ave)

St Tim's Meeting RoomThis room is great for great for meetings or other group events, with comfortable couches and plenty of chairs for up to 20 persons. Easy to heat in the winter and opens out to a large deck. Our young adults love using this room for the Muse bible study.


St Timothy’s creche (46 Kendal Ave)

St Tim's CrecheOn Sunday mornings we use this as a creche, but the room is also suitable for small meetings of up to 8 persons.

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