SIX THIRTY LIVE at St. Timothy's (2)

2019_Rekindle_Proclaim_copy Rekindle
Rekindle is an informal gathering of Christ followers who prefer relationships to programmes, and worship as a lifestyle to formal worship. Rekindle is a close knit community deeply committed to supporting one another in our journey of faith. Each week we share a meal together provided each week by someone in our community; we share our lives with one another in fellowship, we explore the Bible together to learn what God has to say to us, and we pray for one another.

Come along and join our community. There’s plenty of room around our table of fellowship.

Event Properties

Event Date 19-12-2021 6:30 pm
Location St Timothy's Burnside


Parish office:

46 Kendal Avenue
Burnside, Christchurch

Office hours:

Monday to Thursday 9am - 12:30pm
Office closed Fridays and weekends